Z900A4/A5 + KZ900B1 LTD (1975 +)

The A4 came out in late 1975 as a 1976 model. Frame numbers start at Z1F-085701 and the engine numbers started at Z1E – 086001.

 Some USA models in 1977 were known as the A5.

There were a number of significant changes from the Z1B – it is easily distinguished by the change in air box and side panels. Although the engine remained largely unchanged, lots of other things changed, including the carbs, wheel hub, tank &body panels, instrumentation, wheels and rear light.

If you really want to know what all of the subtle differences are and make sure that you have the genuine article you need to have a look at Dave Marsden’s book (available from our website)

The KZ900B1 LTD models FRAME NUMBER: KZ900B-500011 >
ENGINE NUMBER: Z1E- 108503 >
This was the first Japanese custom cruiser. Assembled in the states in limited numbers for the disconcerting motorcyclist. An abundance of chrome and bolt on goodies made this Kawasaki a 'RICE BURNER WITH ATTITUDE'. The rear wheel was a fat sixteen-inch item.

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