900 Z1 / Z1A / Z1B / Z2-750 (1972 - 1975)

Z1 launched in 1972, mostly produced in 1973,
Frame numbers start at Z1F-00001, they finished at 20000.
Engine numbers started at Z1E – 00001 and finished at 20000.

Z1A – 1974
Frame numbers start at Z1F-20001, they finished at 47499.
Engine numbers started at Z1E – 20001 and finished at 47499.

Z1B – 1975
Frame numbers start at Z1F-47500, they finished at 85700.
Engine numbers started at Z1E – 47500 and finished at 86001.

Apart from the paint work, at first glance the all of the Z1s appear very similar.  The easiest way to tell them apart is from the frame and engine numbers.  If you really want to know what all of the subtle differences are and make sure that you have the genuine article you need to have a look at Dave Marsden’s book (available from our website under Books and Manuals) 

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