KH250/400 1975-1980

KH250-B1 1976FRAME NUMBER: KH250B-000001>ENGINE NUMBER: S1E-028801>
Like all 1976 Kawasaki models, the KH was much modified. A disk brake was fitted to the front and the three-way fuse system from the Z900-A4 was used. A locking fuel cap was fitted and the paintwork was offered in two colours, super red or sky blue. The pin striping was the same as the KH500-A8 and KH400-A3. The side panel emblems now read 'KH250' instead of just '250'. The headlamp brackets were now finished in chrome. The B1 model was considered to be the least powerful of all the triples due to carb and muffler restrictions. 

 KH250-B2 1977
FRAME NUMBER: KH250B-008601>
Offered in two colours, wine red or orient blue. Different decals but otherwise much the same.  

 KH250-B3 1978
FRAME NUMBER: KH250B-018501>
Once again a change to decals and colours. This time it was offered in lime green with a yellow stripe or cobalt blue with a white stripe. The seat was slightly changed in shape and the front brake master cylinder was changed from round to a triangular shape. This was in keeping with all 1978 models. 

 KH250-B4 1979
FRAME NUMBER: KH250B-025001>
Offered in two colours, lime green or classic white with a block type pattern decal on the tank and tailpiece. There was also a report of a red one but I have never seen one. The side panels were now finished in black instead of being painted.  
KH250-B5 1980
FRAME NUMBER: KH250B-028701>
This was the last in the 250 range. Only one colour was offered, Kawasaki racing lime green. The black side panels were fitted with badges that only said '250' with the 'KH' logo printed on the side of the seat. Kork Ballington had recently won the 250 and 350 World Championships and Kawasaki wanted to cash in on this, so the B5 was painted in racing colours to attract the dwindling 250 customers.
1976 KH400-A3
All the changes that Kawasaki had made on all other 1976 models were apparent on the KH400. The A3 models were basically a big KH250. The biggest difference over the early S3 model was the use of electronic ignition and a bigger more restrictive air box assembly coupled with quieter exhausts. The CDI was a welcome addition but the new air box and exhausts robbed the KH of 4 BHP making it even slower. Two colour options were offered, green or orange. These two colours were best described as 'sickly', the orange being the better of the two.  

 1977 KH400-A4
The only difference for 1977 was the use of two new colours and not before time. The A3 was offered in candy emerald green or candy royal purple. Both of these colours were excellent and increased sales tremendously. The pin striping was similar to the KH250-B2.
 There were no more models imported into the UK after the A4, although dealers were still selling this same model as late as1980. Kawasaki even tried a 'One-Race Series' in the UK to boost sales in the late seventies but the triples were well past their sell-by date and the introduction of new four stroke models like the Z500 ended their fiery reign.
There were more models in 1978 and 1979 based on the relevant KH250 models but these only went to a handful of countries. It was left to the KH250 to remain as the only three cylinder two stroke in the Kawasaki range.

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