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A short while ago somebody asked me what i was planning as a new project?

Having ridden around the world, built more Z1`s than a i can remember, raised a family and nurtured a reasonably successful business, i had to think hard!

"I want to do 200 mph before i die!!" (not at the same time of course!!)

So plans were made......................

It had to be on a Kawasaki of course and i guess it had to be a ZZR1400, already a very very fast bike.

I remembered that Martin Lambert at Kawasaki UK has told me a few months ago that he had been trying out a ZZR1400 Turbo bike and it was amazing, so my mind was made up..............

A good friend of ours, Richard Warlow had already done over 200 mph on a standard bike with a few minor mods but he weighs next to nothing so i decided on fitting a Turbo kit just to be sure!!!

One of our partners in America, Muzzy Kawasaki (him of Eddie Lawson fame) do a turbo kit for the ZX14r (zzr1400)  so i ordered one in from them.

In the meanwhile my wife Michele dug out all my life insurances and made sure my Will was up to date!!!

Next job was to find a ZZR1400. I considered a New one but under the circumstances i found a very low milage (350 miles) used 2007 ABS model in the best colour, Lime green of course!!

The money saved on buying used would fund the Turbo kit.

The donor bike !!! 2009 ZZR1400

Next job was to fit the turbo kit and do a few other cosmentic mods.

The bike was already immaculate and the previous owner had colour matched the wheels and some of the fairing panels, but i still wanted it a bit different so i sent some spare panels off the Dream Machine for a paint job.

I also fitted a black double screen and some bar risers that i had lying around. I also dug out some carbon fibre covers for the clocks and top yoke.

Carbon covers Black tint screen

Me and Colin got the bike on the bench and started to remove the body work and the std exhaust system and the radiator. Then the fun began!!

The first job was to fit the header pipes and the turbo unit itself. Muzzy give some good instructions but nothing ever runs smoothly!! We must have fitted the turbo 5 times before we were happy!!

Most of the other work involed making the air box/frame air tight and plumbing the oil supply and return.

bodywork/exhaust/radiator removed Exhaust headers fitted

Turbo unit fitted Frame air inlet plate

oil supply to turbo oil return from turbo

Then i fitted the Boost gauge and the Power Commander PCV that Muzzy supply ready loaded with a base custom map for the Fuelling.

Boost gauge Power commander

Once all this was done, we refitted the newly painted bodywork and the radiator and pushed the starter button. Much to our suprise it started up first time and ran really well. So far so good !!!

I then fitted a few other bolt on goodies, a carbon rear hugger, some custom made heel gaurds, frame protectors, rear fender elimantor and a Kawasaki rear seat cowl.

The bike !!

I could not resist a privave plate !!! Left side of bike

front view

Then i took it for its maiden voyage......................................

Anybody who has ridden a ZZR1400 will already know they are fast!!

Well this thing is beyond that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had 34 years of riding the fastest thing that Kawasaki have dared to make and i thought i had seen it all but this was incredible.

Up to 5000 rpm it felt pretty much stock, just sort of fast but then it took on a new lease of life. It actually scared me, for the first time ever !!

Up to 7500 rpm you had to literally hold on for your life, i could not go any faster. Around 150 mph was showing on the clock and i suddenly realised that 200 mph may be a bit harder to reach than i thought.

I had done 185 mph on my old ZZR1200 many years ago only to find the true figure of 176 mph showing on my Sat Nav so how hard would another 25mph be???

I think i may need to re-tune my head a little?

Anyway, i had another go and managed 165mph. That was enough for now.

I also need to fit a bit of electronic wizardry which removes the 186mph speed limitor that Kawasaki fit.

I decided to get one of the "Bonnerville Pro" units that Muzzy sell which fools the ECU into thinking it never reaches the 186mph limit.

So then i had another go, after all i needed to make sure the de-limiter worked, right?

So i rode to my favourite strech of quiet motorway and gunned it in 5th gear, success the speedo just nudged past 190mph, i changed up to 6th and slowed right down to normal speeds.


So the next thing to do is get the bike an a Dyno to confirm we have the power and means to do this sort of speed.



Feb 2011

Been a while since i looked at the ZZR, been very busy with other things.

Spring will be here soon so i can get on with the 200mph challenge i hope?

Over the last few weeks i have fitted a steering damper and a set of adjustable rear sets.

Steering damper Right side rear set Left side rear set




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