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Goose 1 (mad max)

GOOSE 1 (Mad Max)


I have wanted to do a Mad Max "goose" replica for over 10 years but have been unable to source the correct body kit.

Now my man in Japan as finally come up with the goods.

This is going to be a real one off!!!!!

Check out the video clip below of the goose!


It will be based on a Z1000A like the real thing.

Not sure on the final spec yet, all i have so far is a donor Z1000 and the body kit!

The bike we bought for this project was bought off EBAY a while ago and the previous owner had already started to "Mad Max" it.

Well! they all start somewhere!!

A real basket case? Almost an engine?

Friday 26th October:

The motor has gone to Steve Smethurst for cleaning and polishing and a bit of welding repairs on the cylinder head. The motor is actually a Z1-B engine which i think i will keep, it can only add value to the bike!

Although i think i will use Z1000 internals, crank, cams and gearbox, not that there is much difference of course.

The body kit will come in the next few weeks from Japan so i need to wait until then before i can modify the frame for the various brackets and mountings. In the meanwhile i can get Tony at Pitstop motorcycles (01942 684684) to check the frame over and do his bit with the welding torch!!!

My good friend Dirk from germany sent me this picture of another mad man!!!!

goose from jörg

Sunday 18th November:

Well a lot as happened!

Looking at the pictures of the original bike, it looks like they used the alloy wheels that Kawasaki were offering as a option at that time so i have had a set of these powder coated silver and had a set of period Metzler tyres fitted from SMD tyres in Leigh. New bearings and seals and a new rear sprocket carrier finished these off.

The engine has come back from  Steve Smethurst all polished and cleaned, just needs re-building now.

Silver wheels Polished and cleaned engine parts

The Zinc and chrome plating as also come back and all the body work as come from Japan.

Because a lot of modification will be required on the frame i have decided to "mock" the bike up first like they do on Orange County Choppers. May take longer but the fairing needs to be right.

I started With offereing the fairing up to the frame with the crankcases and outer engine covers fitted. This should give us the dimensions for the lower fairing brackets.

Fairing fitted "temporary"

Tuesday 20th november:

I assembled the front wheel with the discs and axel today and also the rear wheel with the sprocket carrier and sprocket. Then i put together a set of front forks using new chrome inner tubes and seals. The bottom lowers have been polished by Steve Smethurst and look great! I filled them with 195cc of 10w fork oil and used the standard fork springs.

 Forks assembled.

Tuesday 4th December.

I took the frame to Tony at Pitstop motorcycles to let him do his welding jobs. We are going to concentrate on the fairing mounts first.

I also picked the powder coating up from Vanden in Westhoughton.

I assembled the top yoke with all new bolts and then i assembled a set of clocks using new covers, a new switch and wiring and a set of re-conditioned clocks from Chris Rivett. Then i attatched them to the top yoke.

Then a set of alloy flat bars with new switches and grips and clutch lever assy. These were then attached to the top yoke.

Clocks assembled Flat bars fitted

Thursday 6th December:

I fitted a set of taper bearings to the bottom yoke and then assembled the front end using one of our shorter chrome front fenders. Then i put the front wheel into place to more or less finish off the front end. I dont normally build them this way but until we sort the frame out and get it to the powder coaters then there is no other choice. I think i will build up the rear wheel and swing arm this way as well.


Monday 10th December:

I got the frame back from Tony at Pitstop on saturday with all the main strenghtening done and the top fairing bracket welded to the headstock. I put the fairing back on and with the help of my good friend John Pownall, sorted out the lower mounts and drilled the neccassary holes in the fairing panels. Then i sorted out the tail piece brackets. Then i took it back to Tony to finish off the welding of all these brackets. Tommorow i can take it to Vanden to get it powder coated gloss black.

Just need to fabricate the tail light braket set up now and then all the hard work will be done.

I started on the engine as well. I was going to paint it black but decided to keep it in the natural alloy finish.

The cases are from a Z1-B but i have used the crankshaft and gearbox from a Z1000 MK11.

I assembled the bottom end using a new cam chain and the usual other new parts. Then i fitted a new set of cylinder studs, then the 66mm pistons and a new set of standard rings. Then new cam chain tensioners and then i fitted the 900 cylinders. Polished outer engine covers were fitted which Steve Smethurst had previously done for me. Then i fitted the cam chain external tensioner. Again i am using a MK11 unit.

Steve still has the cylinder head so the motor has come to a stop for a while longer.

Right side of motor Left side of motor


Saturday 22nd December:

I got the frame back from Vanden yesterday so i set about doing a bit on it.

I fitted the Battery box and electric plate and then i put a new set of bearings and sleeves in the swing arm. Then i fitted this to the frame and fitted a new set of rear shocks. Then i fitted the rear sets. These will have to come off again later so that i can the fit the motor. Then i fitted a set of taper roller bearings to the headstock and then the bottom yoke. Then the forks with the front wheel and one of our shorty chrome front fenders.

Swing arm fitted rear sets

Wheel and fender in forks yokes and handlebars

 Then the top yoke with clocks and bars attatched. I then fitted the top fairing bracket and the fairing itself to see if the bars would clear the cut outs. Everything seems ok although i think i will fit some wider bars.

Frame with all the fittings

Then i fitted a set of stainless engine mounting rear plates and the relevant mounting bolts.

Upper fairing bracket Battery box and inner rear fender


Monday 23rd December:

I assembled a pair of front brake calipers today using new seals, pads and bolts. I had already painted the caliper bodies in satin black. Then i bolted them to the fork lowers.

While the top fairing was still on i tried a few different indicator stems to see which would work best. I decided on a set of short chrome ones from the Z1000ST model.

Re-furbised front brake caliper Calipers fitted to fork lowers

Indicator and stem Top fairing


Friday 28th December:

I got the cylinder head back from Steve Smethurst today so i can take it into Engine-teknics to get the valve guides and seats done.

I am away for 5 weeks now riding my bike to Timbuktu in central Africa so nothing more will be done on the bike until i return!!!



Thursday 14th Febuary 2008

Well i am back!!!!

That trip to timbuktu was the hardest thing that i have ever done but i survived and back to tell the tale or more importantly, back to finish these projects off!!

The cylinder head came back from Engine-tecknics so i can finish that off now.

I also fitted a new "floating" rear disc to the rear wheel and assembled the rear caliper using new pistons, seals and pads. This is now ready to fit to the swing arm.

New rear disc and refurbished caliper Cylinder head ready for assembly


Monday 18th Febuary:

The tank came back from Dream Machine but not the side panels yet?

I put the tank onto the frame to see what it will look like!

I also decided that the flat handlebars were horrible and the Z650 type were too high causing the master cylinder to touch the fairing so i have fitted a set of 30mm rise bars which do the job very well.

the "kwaka" tank different handlebars!!!


Friday 22nd Febuary

The side panels came back from Dream Machine today. I loosely put a Z1000 badge on one of them and put it onto the frame. Looks good!!

Side panel with badges


Monday 25th Febuary

I did a bit more on the bike today, i put the rear wheel into place and loosely fitted the tail piece and the seat unit. I need to finalise the brackets for the tail piece now everything is painted and make a few odd brackets for the seat base. Not a big job but a bit time consuming! I also measured up the lenght of the front brake pipes, i will be using braided hoses on the front but an original rubber one on the rear.

Rear wheel in place The tail piece!!! MFP!!!

so far so good!

I also finished off the lower fairing brackets.

Right side fairing bracket and holder for lower mirror Right side bracket

Left side bracket Holder for siren!


Tuesday 26th Febuary

I fitted the lower fairings today and some of the extra bits. The lower right side mirror, the siren/speaker, the right side upper mirror and the right side blue flashing light. I was just making sure everything lined up before the final assembly. Just one 8mm hole is slightly off which is not bad considering!.

I also fitted the most important part, the "BRASS" police badge that all the cast wore on the film!!!

I also need to fabricate a taillight bracket now. I have found a KE175 one which i can modify!

Right side fairing The "brass" badge Lower mirror

Upper mirror and blue light Siren/speaker Front of fairing


Wednesday 27th Febuary

I got on with the tail light bracket today, i have made a rough template which seems to work, just need to give it to Tony at Pitstop motorcycles now to finish off.

I also fitted the screen loosely to see the overhall effect!

Tail light bracket Tail light fitted The screen "MFP"

Next step is to dismantle it and get it ready for the fitment of the engine and then the final rebuild.


Friday 14th March:

Not done much on the bikes recently due to my daughter having her first baby and i have been on stand-by for grandfather duties!!

Anyway the baby Marsden is here so i am back on the projects!!!!

I pulled off all the body work and got the frame onto the ramp.

I started to fit the electrics using new coils and a new wiring loom along with a new  battery. I will be using one of our combined regulater/rectifier for the charging side of things.

We then fitted the main stay of the engine into the frame without the cylinder head. I will fit this later.

New coils fitted Gel battery

Engine in frame Engine in frame

Bottom end of motor in frame


Tuesday 25th March

I came in over the easter weekend and did a bit more on the bike. I finished the electrics off, using a new starter solenoid, fuse box and battery leads and then i fitted the front sprocket and rear drive chain.I then fitted the starter motor and the rest of the engine covers. Then i set to work on fitting the headlamp and the clocks.

Then i fitted the rear sets and then offered the tail piece up for the final fitting.

Reg/rectifier unit New electrical parts

Front sprocket rear drive chain fitted

I also fitted the bracket for the microphone and the switch for the flashing blue lights to the handlebars.

I also fitted a blanking plug to the kickstart shaft, the rear sets mean the original kickstart can not be used of course. I then put on a new standard Z1 air box and a new clutch cable.

Microphone and blue light switch fitted Headlamp fitted to bracket

Kickstart cover and rear set Sprocket cover and rear set new Z1 air box


Tuesday 1st April:

I fitted new head gaskets and o`ring to the cylinder today and fitted the cylinder head. I had already fitted new valves and guides, springs and seals to the head so it was an easy job to put it on then tighten the head nuts down.

Now i can think about fitting the 4-2 exhaust and the carbs.

I also finished off a few other small bits on the motor like the oil pressure switch and oil filter bolts.

I had a set of braided brake hoses to fit utilising the original metal lower brake pipes so i got about fitting them. I then decided to fit a new square shaped master cylinder instead of the round one because Trev needed a round cylinder for a bike he is doing!!! This one looks good!!

Cylinder head fitted Master cylinder and brake lines


Wednesday 9th April:

I fitted the 4-2 cross over exhaust system today. It looks really good. I have not tried the lower fairing on it yet to check the clearance but i think it will be ok. These systems have been especially made by one of our suppliers in Japan, PMC and look really well.

I used a new set of gaskets and mounting collars of course!!

I also finished off the tail light bracket which means now i can mount the tail piece for the last time.

Crossover 4-2 downpipes Rear silencer


Monday 21st April:

I did a bit of work on the bike this weekend, i fitted the camshafts and tensioners and then shimmed up the valve clearances. Then i fitted the cam chain tensioner onto the back of the cylinder. Then a new set of inlet rubbers.

I also fitted the rest of the 4-2 exhaust system and bleed the front brakes.

Then i fitted the rear number plate.

Then i finished off the wiring near the headlamp using some heat shrink covering to hide the plugs and connectors that normally is hiden inside the headlamp shell.

I also started to look at the 28mm carbs that i will be using. I stripped them down and fiited the newly re-zinced linkage parts and new jets and valves.

Number plate and exhaust Heat shrink covering

Cam shafts fitted 28mm carbs


Friday 2ndMay:

Done quite a bit on the bike this week. Done the shimming on the head, fitted the cam shafts, done the valve timing, fitted a new top idler gear and rubbers and then fitted the cam box cover.

Then i fitted a DYNA-S ignition system. Also fitted was a new set of carb inlet rubbers.

Still working on the Carbs, i have had the float bowls and tops polished and assembled them but they leak like a sieve!!! We sometimes get this when we have had some polishing done, i think it takes the edges off the parts and they dont seat correct. I got fed up of the petrol leaks and have taken them to me friend Tony at Pitstop motorcycles for him to look at. (01942 684684).

In the meanwhile i fitted the Radio to the top fairing. This just needed a few holes drilling. Next job is to wire it up.

Head finished off Dyna-S ignition kit

I then fitted the side stand but realised that the hole for the side stand stop rubber was in the wrong place?. Not sure how that happened but i quickly made a bracket to sort it out. I will also need to make some kind of stop bracket for the main stand as well i guess?

Radio fitted Side stand and bracket


Thursday 8th May:

I got the carbs back from Tony at last and fitted these to the head. I then fitted some fuel pipes and overflow pipes. Then a new set of plugs and caps and a new air filter and airbox top.

Then i bled the rear brake system.

I filled the engine up with 10/40`s oil, put a little petrol in the carbs and fired it up!!

Started first time!!!. The throttles were a bit stiff keeping the revs up but i am sure a little tinkering will solve this.

Classic Bike magazine are coming up on monday to do an article on it so i will have to work all weekend to finish it off.

Plugs and caps Carbs fitted


Sunday 11th May:

Well it is finished!!

I fitted the fairing for the last time and wired up the radio, blue lights and indicators. I used a piece of heat shrink sleeveing to hide all the wires and cable tied them to the fairing bracket.

Then i fitted a new Z1-R type tap to the tank and the re-chromed petrol cap and fitted the tank to the frame.

Once this was in place i fitted the seat and drilled the tailpiece to take the aerial.

Then i fitted the rest of the decals, made a bracket for the centre stand stop and give it a good polish.

Then  i took it for a short blast around the block to make sure everything was ok.  Everything was except the brakes!!!!, maybe i was a bit hasty in using the standard brake setup?, perhaps i should have used some of our 4-pot Lockhead calipers?, or maybe i have just forgot how bad they were???

Anyway they will need a bit of beding in before they work properly (i hope!!!)

Aerial fitted Tank fitted

Seat fitted Front view Riders view

ready to ride finished

Just needs polishing!

Monday 12th May

Well Classic Bike Magazine came and did thier article, they re-produced some of the action shots from the film (thankfully they did not crash it like the goose did!!!).

Look out for it in the July 08 issue!!!!


The End ????

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