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This is a Kawasaki Z1000 A2, put together in the USA and imported into the UK in 2016. The paperwork with it from the import is inconsistent with the date, It is registered as a 1977 bike and the V5 has it down as "Historic" so it is now road tax and MOT exempt from next year (currently MOTed and SORN). 

If you want a "relatively" inexpensive Z1000 to ride then this could be of interest to you; if you want something that is original, then it definitely is not.

There are a number of things about this bike.

  • The clock says that the bike has done just over 10,000 miles, and bits of the bike (the wiring, switch gear, brakes, running gear) would suggest that this is genuine.
  • There is no fin damage on the head / barrels.
  • The seat is not standard, but it is built on an original seat base.  Easy enough to put a new foam and cover on it if you want to change it back to standard, or just buy a new seat.  I have left it on as it is lower than standard and ideal if you need a low seat height.
  • There has been an extensive frame strengthening kit fitted to the head stock and much of the frame; also a bracket welded to the frame for a steering damper and the bottom yoke modified to have one fitted and there is a bracket for an oil cooler (should you want to fit one). Not so good if you want a standard/original bike.
  • Most of the bolts are original having been re-zinc plated.
  • Although it has “low” bars on it, the cables are still threaded through them in proper Z1000 style; this was a genuine “low bar” Kawasaki option at the time.  A bit of a feature.
  • The fork stanchions/legs are good with no pitting/leaks
  • There are some “dyna” style coils fitted with carbon leads 
  • Still has the original shocks on the back.

There are some things that need to be pointed out.  The bike has been fitted with a Z1000 Mk2 stator (hence the Mk2 engine casings) although it does still have the Z1000 crank (I have checked and the cams/timing is consistent with a Z1000 – they are different on a Mk2). 

One of the differences between the Z1000 A1 and the Z1000 A2 is that Kawasaki moved away from having a woodruff key to secure the rotor/flywheel to the end of the crank.  It was not uncommon for it to "fall off" on the Z1000 A2s (and Z1Rs), and if not addressed, damage the end of the crank.  By the time they got round to the Mk2, they had fixed this design fault and changed the rotor and alternator.  This bike has clearly experienced this problem and it has been fixed by putting a Z1000 MK2 alternator onto it.  In addition to this the bike has had

  • the cylinder head stripped down and rebuild with the valve guides sleeved and new seals fitted (so it doesn't smoke)
  • head and barrels vapour blasted
  • new cam chain and the idlers with any wear on them replaced, along with the rubber seats.
  • The rear wheel has been rebuilt on a genuine rim with new spokes, a cleaned/polished hub
  • New rear tyre (it had a 16” rim in on it previously - available if you want it).  The front tyre could really do with being replaced, although it has tread on it, but is clearly old
  • New chain and sprockets
  • New battery
  • New grab rail
  • New Kickstart
  • New indicators
  • New chrome cable guides (and lots of other bits and bobs) 

Let’s be clear, you are not going to win any prizes with this bike and if you want one that you can put back to standard it is not a good starting point.  If you are after an inexpensive Z1000 (no such thing as a “cheap” on anymore) to actually use that has had all the necessary work done, then this could be ideal.

OK – the bike needs new paint to make it look pretty, and a new pipe.  Paint is a personal thing; I am not keen on the standard A2 paint so didn’t want to put it back to the original paint and thought that the new owner could decide. There are no cracks or damage to any of the plastic panels and the tank is in good condition (with new badges screwed on to it – so no damage there either).

£4,250 and it is yours.  Call Trev on 07736894268 or email 

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