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If you have a garage but it is not heated the perfect way to keep the damp off your bike is a heated bike cover.  The Cosy Bike Cover is a premium fleece-lined and Heated Motorcycle cover weight about 4kg operating from a low voltage (circa 4 watt) power source. It is thermostatically controlled and will stop condensation forming on your bike during the winter months.

For long term storage the cover can be set at the low temperature setting, which will keep it just above the ambient temperature.

The soft interior fleece lining will prevent scratching, while the tough exterior will not tear. Simply roll it over your bike, secure where necessary then switch it on to the desired setting.

It comes with some ultra thin Daubrite VCI disk emitters will help provide effective corrosion protection for your motorcycle within your Heated Cosy Bike Cover.

The Emitters provide vapour corrosion protection to the enclosed metal parts of your Motorbike. When the emitter is opened the VCI seeks metal surfaces within your cover, and form a protective molecular layer on the surface of the metals. This layer prevents moisture, hydrogen sulphides, salt, dirt oxygen, and other contaminants from depositing on the metal and causing damaging corrosion.

Please remove the disk from the protective sleeve and hang on your motorcycles using the foot rests, or gear levels, then cover your Motorcycle with your New Cosy Bike Cover.

Each unit prevents metal corrosion, in a 5 cubic feet volume for up to 6 months, the disks come with a ready to use label for recording the date of installation.

Important! To conserve the effectiveness of your VCI please ensure you remove the disk from your Motorcycle when removing your cover, and return your Emitter to the protection sleeve thus ensuring its full effective life, remembering to install the disk prior storing your bike again with your Cosy Bike cover.

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