We haven't finished the Z1A yet (and we still have the red Z1B) but when you get the chance to get hold of an early 1972 Z1, you have to take it...……………...The engine and frame number match and it is relatively early (making it a "made in 1972") model.REG NUMBER IS: EVN 734L     NOVEMBER  1972Mostly complete but there a few odd rare parts missing which will give us a bit of a challenge.You will notice the wrong forks fitted which we will have to replace with the original type.I have taken the head and barrels off to check that they are right and it still has the early ones with the one piece head gasket that are consistent with the early models.And the head is lovely and clean.  You never know what you are going to get when you take these to bits.We will have to pay particular attention to this rebuild, it is imperative to use all the right early parts to make sure it is as original as possible. This is the only way of making sure it is worth the big money that people are paying for them.We have already ordered a paint set in the brown and orange from our supplier in Japan